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Faucet Repair in Lincoln, St. Charles, and St. Louis County

Faucet Repair

There are generally only four types of faucets – ball, cartridge, compression, and disk. The service techs at Ambassador Plumbing are experts at replacing or repairing these fixtures. The first thing that we do when repairing a faucet fixture is to identify the type of faucet that we are working with because that helps us to troubleshoot the issue. When it comes to deciding on plumbing fixtures, Ambassador Plumbing is knowledgeable about the best options for installation and replacement. We have successfully handled a wide variety of different plumbing fixture replacements over 50 years of combined plumbing experience. We are also available to consult with you to help you decide what are the best options for your home. If you want a new look for your kitchen or bathroom, we have got you covered with knowledge of styles, form, the best, and the most affordable brands. We ensure to provide accurate service quotes and high quality products. We take pride in providing excellent plumbing services and faucet repair in St. Charles & St. Louis county.

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